Favela Chic Review – One of the Best Clubs in London?

Ok so that is the list…on with the review! We started the Saturday night in Loungelover – an overly decadent but superb looking bar. If you don’t mind splashing the cash then this place is always a winner for pre-drinks in Shoreditch. A must for tourists in London and a must if you want to impress someone (a date)! So after a few expensive cocktails (I recommend the Punk Passion – A lusting measure of Snow Queen vodka shaken with fresh red currants, passion fruit, lemon juice and sugar, topped up with Prosecco)

We headed to Favela Chic (just before 10pm). At this time there was a small queue. It is free entry before 9pm and £5 after. Getting there before 9pm is a bit early as it doesn’t really kick off until 10pm so its worth the fiver and there are enough Shoreditch bars to keep you entertained until 10pm.

We got in quickly and the place was already pretty full. Favela Chic is basically one large room. Lots of items hanging of the ceilings and the place has a latino salsa club vibe 수원셔츠룸 (as you’d expect!). Favelas are slums in Brasil so Favela Chic is meant to be a bit of a dichotomy…the Brasilian version of shabby chic! It pulls it off as the decorations and ambience are by no means decadent but are pretty cool.

We tussled our way to the bar (on the far side from the door) and ordered a Caipirinha (£7). To be honest there is nothing else you should be ordering here. Caipirinha is the Brasilian version of Vodka Red Bull, their rocket fuel! It’s made with Cachaca (a very strong sugar spirit), fresh lemons and sugar all muddled together. Heaven in a glass! The Favela Chic bar staff were chatty, friendly and knew what they were doing (and are clearly trained to make Caipirinhas very quickly!).

By the time we turned around from the bar, the room was heaving: Full of 20 somethings dancing and chatting. The music was a mix of Brasilian beats, Funk (Brasilian sort of rap music), house and drum n bass. Basically music to get you moving…you cannot stand still in Favela Chic. [For the purposes of this blog i peeked outside at 1030ish and the queue was long and was already approaching one in one out]. We danced non-stop until 2am by which time we were dripping with sweat and shattered!

In short: If you don’t mind busy rooms and dancing up close with people you don’t know then Favela Chic is a guaranteed fun night out. Great drinks, great atmosphere and funky music BUT be warned…arrive no later than 10pm otherwise you will spend most of the night outside. Out of my original tick list i would say that only number 7 would get marked down due to the early queues forming. This is one of the best bars/clubs in Shoreditch and I would definitely say on of the best bars/clubs in London.