The Google News RSS Feed / Google Reader Mashu

My present employer is really an executive lookup firm recruiting candidates for the real estate improvement and building industries. I lead their Web promoting endeavours; I also am in control of marketplace exploration. If I’m able to deliver aggressive industry intelligence into the recruiters inside our Business office, they might benefit from it to match government position candidates with companies who will need them but can´t find them on their own.

The Challenge

There are an incredibly massive amount of companies worthy of being tracked by my company. ENR (Engineering Information & Document) produces diverse authoritative matter-certain lists made up of names of the greatest professional design companies. Builder On the net lists the biggest household homebuilding companies. Between both of these sources, I´ve discovered about 1,seven-hundred businesses wherever it would be worthwhile to track Every & every single information story about them. The good thing is, on any given day, only a little proportion of these corporations will make noteworthy information…nonetheless, so as to be sure I capture all the valuable info, I want to monitor all of them.

Most logically, I would have to employ some sort of RSS Resolution in an effort to observe 1,seven-hundred corporations. Handbook entry of 1,seven-hundred feeds right into a feedreader isn´t an option; I don´t have any programming capabilities; And that i don´t Use a spending budget to discover an individual to software a solution.

What exactly did I do?

The answer: Component one

After i examined a typical Google News RSS URL, I can figure out that the one variable data within Each individual prolonged URL would be the time period remaining searched:,GGLJ:2006-37,GGLJ:en&oe=UTF-8&tab=wn&q=builder+magazine&output=rss

From this data, I am able to promptly and easily reproduce a Google News RSS URL for each product in my list promptly and simply in Excel.

I then do the following (that’s far more Evidently illustrated inside the hooked up spreadsheet that I strongly inspire you to obtain by clicking this hyperlink):